Solo Paragliding Lessons in San Diego

Solo Paragliding Lessons in San Diego, California!

Solo Paragliding in San DiegoExperience flight with your own "bird's eye" view of the world and be amongst those who live for the sport just like you. A pilot certificate in paragliding is your ticket to enjoy this adventure whenever you have the urge to fly. You can trust the affiliates at SoCal Paragliding with finding you the best center for your paragliding lessons in San Diego. Our affiliates are trusted and reputable and come with years of experience so your first time in the skies will be a safe and very exciting adventure. Once you become a pilot you will never again go anywhere without considering the potential of flying..

Paragliding is not just a sport … but a way of life!

Discover this Liberating Experience in the Clouds

Paragliding in San DiegoLearning how to do a solo paraglide involves at least 7 to 10 days of classroom and practical training. You can expect to spend at least three hours each day focusing on launching, landing and flight techniques as well as instructional tandem flights. You may also visit a number of launches and landing zones near San Diego, California. After the completion of the course, you will have the skills to fly on your own.

Taking lessons from reputable instructors near San Diego is critical if you want to master the sport of paragliding. Learn from the best in California and be on your way to enjoying your first solo paraglide today ... the thrill remains for a lifetime!

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